Stormin’ the Castle

Stormin’ the Castle Scotch Ale. Brewed in memory of Deb Kesler’s brother Scott Lawrence, this beer has a strong copper color, the aroma and flavor are bursting with burnt caramel, sugary toffee candy, and dried fruits like dates and raisins, balanced by alcohol warmth more than hop bitterness.

Scotch Ale

A very malty, high-strength beer featuring rich bready, toasted, and caramel characters delicately balanced with pleasant alcohols. Aromatic and warming…a winter time sipper.


A malty, amber, moderate-strength German lager with rich toasted notes and a smooth, dry finish that makes this beer both rich and crushable. Märzen is sometimes referred to as “Oktoberfest” in America, but the official beer style of Oktoberfest in Munich is now festbier.