Agave Dream – Blanco

Think Tequila, but… you know… we can’t call it that! Agave Dream is a true flavor and nose experience! The enthusiast can vividly imagine the Pina’s of the Agave plant being roasted in the stone ovens of Jalisco, Mexico.

Vermont Common Whiskey

Similar to a Bourbon, this unique Whiskey is distilled from a mash of corn, barley, rye and wheat. An American Whiskey, it’s made from the first runnings, second runnings make Black Flannel Brewing Co. Vermont Common Ale.

Heavy Base Malt Whiskey

This malt whiskey has the smokey-maltiness, vanilla, caramel, banana and chocolate qualities of the finest Highland Scotch… made right in Essex, VT.

Black Gold Malt Whiskey

Black Gold Barrel Aged American Malt Whiskey is reminiscent of a smokey-oaked Highland Scotch with defined dark chocolate notes in the nose and palate.