Black Flannel Academy


Our team of Certified Cicerone®’s  are hard at work gathering information from various resources and providing a little of our own perspective.

Whether you're an avid beer enthusiast, or a craft beer professional, this is a fun and informative resource for those who would like to get a deeper understanding of craft beer. Keep checking back, we will eventually have over 130 styles posted.

Our Head Distiller Travis Johnson, Spiritmaster Dave Mosher, and Certified Cicerone® Chris Kesler have been gathering information and writing educational resources that will provide interesting and informative articles so you can learn more about the history, process, and ingredients that go into a wide range of spirits styles.

If you want to learn the best way to serve a style to craft cocktail recipes, you're in for a fun and informative treat.

Our Culinary Crew shares their knowledge, history, ingredients, and techniques related to some of their favorite foods.

Whether you're a foodee or a casual food lover, there will be something here for everyone.

Come back often for updates.