Parti-gyle – Some Really Cool Stuff

Being the only brewery and distillery in Vermont affords Black Flannel the opportunity to do things that no other distillery can do. One of the best examples is our “Parti-gyle” inspired production method for our grain products (Primarily Whiskey & Genever).

Black Flannel Distilling – What Makes Us Different?

Craft spirits has seen a surge in popularity over the past decade resulting in many more distilleries opening in Vermont and across the United States. This is very similar to the rise in Wine and Craft Beer over the years. What is not similar is a dirty little secret of the distilling industry.


Like a whiskey with a kiss of hops. Three different versions distilled from three finished beer from Black Flannel Brewing Co. Unique, interesting.

White Lace Vodka

The mouth-feel is pillowy with a very slight pepper note mid palate, then finishing extremely clean & soft. This is an ideal sipping vodka! This is our one and only Vodka (you don’t need more).

London Calling Dry Gin

This is a classic London Dry Gin that we distill from our own cane-neutral spirit. Perfect Gin for the classic or craft Martini or Gin & Tonic!