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Parti-gyle – Some Really Cool Stuff

Being the only brewery and distillery in Vermont affords Black Flannel the opportunity to do things that no other distillery can do. One of the best examples is our “Parti-gyle” inspired production method for our grain products (Primarily Whiskey & Genever).
What is Parti-Gyle

The concept of parti-gyle brewing was developed in the UK when more than one beer is brewed from a single batch of grain. Brewing a beer using the Parti-gyle method is a much more constrained way of brewing. Instead of being able to develop a recipe from the ground up, which gives the brewer complete freedom, they must work with the grain they have and manipulate it to create balanced and approachable products.

Concept to reality

Black Flannel has borrowed from this concept to produce a spirit and a beer from the same batch of grain. We’ve done this since we opened in 2020 starting with a recipe developed specifically for this purpose – Vermont Common. We use a grist that is a cousin to bourbon (for spirits) and Kentucky Common, a historical beer style (for beer). 

The first runnings off our brewhouse contain a high concentration of fermentable sugars into which we pitch a Whiskey yeast.  The second runnings contain lower concentration of fermentable sugars so we hop, boil, cool and ferment that into a beer. The result is Vermont Common Whiskey & Vermont Common Ale. 

Examples of other parti-gyle pairs we’ve produced are:

  • Black Gold American Malt Whiskey & Beoir Irish Extra Stout
  • Heavy Base American Malt Whiskey & Belgian Dubbel
  • Dutch Soul Genever & Claw Hammer Cream Ale

We’re not aware of any other distillery in the world that uses this production approach.

Our Lines of Spirits:


  • Black Gold Malt Whiskey (Unique Distinctive with bitter chocolate finish)
  • Vermont Common Whiskey (similar to Bourbon)
  • Heavy Base American Single Malt Whiskey (like a Highland Scotch)
  • Agave Dream Blanco (Unaged Tequila-like spirit)
  • Agave Dream Reposado (Aged Tequila-like spirit)
  • London Calling Dry Gin
  • Dutch Soul Genever (Unaged – old world gin)
  • Dutch Soul Genever (Barrel Aged – old world gin)
  • Crow’s Nest Rum (Unaged)
  • Crow’s Nest Rum (Barrel Aged)
  • Raven’s Share (Pinot / Imperial Stout Barrel Aged Rum)
  • Crow’s Nest Spiced Rum
  • White Lace Vodka
  • Bierschnapps (3 versions)
  • Aquavit (Caraway-forward Scandinavian style spirit)

Garden Spirits:

  • Rare Earth White Beet Spirit
  • Maple Garden Spirit
  • Raspberry Garden Spirit
  • Blueberry Garden Spirit
  • Cranberry Garden Spirit

Botanical Spirits (in Development for release in  2024 & Beyond):

  • Absinthe Blanche (Clear)
  • Absinthe Verde (Green)
  • Absinthe Rouge (Red)
  • Amaro Aperitif (currently in R&D)
  • Various Bitters (currently in R&D)
Craft spirits Education:

Part of our mission is to educate our guests in craft beer and spirits. Craft distilling education helps to facilitate discussion and delivers a deeper level of knowledge from which consumers are better armed to make informed buying decisions when they make a spirits purchase. We offer a spirits 101 course to talk about the world of spirits and how spirits are made, we give distillery tours and tastings, culinary craft cocktail classes, and our Spiritmaster does a week long course every year on the business of craft distilling in collaboration with Vermont Technical College.

Cast of Characters:
  • David Mosher – Spiritmaster, Co-Founder/Co-Owner
  • Travis Johnson – Head Distiller, Co-Founder/Co-Owner
  • Chris Kesler – R&D, Development, Marketing, Co-Founder/Co-Owner, Educator
  • Dan Sartwell – Director of Beverage Operations, Co-Owner
  • Michael Lattanzio – In-Market Rep, Cocktail Class instructor, Cocktail R&D
  • Neal Johnston – Director of Restaurant Operations
  • Haley Gill – Events Coordinator
  • Deb Kesler – HR & Head of Accounting
  • Rob Friesel – Craft Beer Educator

Please feel free to reach out to us at if you have questions, comments, or feedback