Black Flannel Distilling Co.


Like a whiskey with a kiss of hops. Three different versions distilled from three finished beer from Black Flannel Brewing Co. Unique, interesting.


Distilled from the remnants of finished beer from Black Flannel Brewing Co.

Aged for a very short time, about two weeks, in barrels that held our Heavy Base Malt Whiskey.

Version #1 sips like a beer whiskey with wonderful citrus notes from the hops.

There will be many versions of this spirit, each with the character of the beer they were born from.

Version #1 was distilled from Rojo Amarillo – west coast style IPA.

Version #2, was distilled from German Chocolate Cake Stout and has intense roasted chocolate notes in combination with the citrus overtones.

Version #3 was distilled from a Black IPA.

Ideally, bierschnapps should be sipped neat.

The Result?

Great for sipping neat or over ice.

Like all our spirits, there is no back-sweetening or additional flavoring added.  What you taste is how it comes off the still… the mark of an exceptional distiller.

Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.