Cranberry Garden Spirit

Imagine the essence of cranberry without the dry tartness. No back-sweetening or flavoring.

Blueberry Garden Spirit

This spirit has a blueberry nose, blueberry palate, oaky-vanilla finish, no back-sweetening or flavoring! It’s like taking a sip of a blueberry muffin!

Rare Earth Garden Spirit

It’s like digging into the fresh dirt of your garden and inhaling the natural aromas, then finishes with a subtle oaky-vanilla malt character. Smells like beets. Tastes like beets.

Agave Dream – Reposado

Think Tequila, but… you know… we can’t call it that! Agave Dream Reposado is a true flavor and nose experience! The enthusiast can vividly imagine the Pina’s of the Agave plant being roasted in the stone ovens of Jalisco, Mexico. With a hint of barrel aging.