Black Flannel Distilling Co.

Agave Dream – Reposado

Think Tequila, but... you know... we can't call it that! Agave Dream Reposado is a true flavor and nose experience! The enthusiast can vividly imagine the Pina's of the Agave plant being roasted in the stone ovens of Jalisco, Mexico. With a hint of barrel aging.


Roasted Pina’s layered with oak and vanilla… reminds you of a Mexican desert sunset! We rested our Blanco version of AGAVE DREAM on un-charred Vermont White Oak staves for two months to produce this incredibly smooth sipping Reposado Agave spirit.

The Result?

Great for sipping neat or over ice.  The best quality Reposado Agave Spirit made outside Jalisco Mexico.  We took great pains to find a supplier from the Jalisco region that uses no chemical extraction and produces the 100% Blue Weber Agave syrup the traditional way. 

Combined with the exceptional skill of our distilling staff, this Reposado Agave Spirit will blow you away.