Black Flannel Distilling Co.

Agave Dream – Blanco

Think Tequila, but... you know... we can't call it that! Agave Dream is a true flavor and nose experience! The enthusiast can vividly imagine the Pina's of the Agave plant being roasted in the stone ovens of Jalisco, Mexico.


 It took us a while but we finally found what we believe is the best organic Blue Agave syrup. We ferment this syrup mash with a special yeast specifically formulated for tequila, then carefully twice-distill the wash to produce a truly authentic agave experience.

Agave spirit done right, is a true flavor and nose experience. We did this right!

The Result?

Great for mixing your favorite Tequila-based cocktails or just sipping neat or over ice.  The best quality Agave Spirit made outside Jalisco Mexico.  We took great pains to find a supplier from the Jalisco region that uses no chemical extraction and produces the 100% Blue Weber Agave syrup the traditional way. 

Combined with the exceptional skill of our distilling staff, this Agave Spirit will blow you away.