Dutch Soul Genever – Aged

Our Genever Old World Gin aged for 6-8 months in 10 gallon white oak barrels with a #4 char inside, making it even more complex than it already was! Smoke and butterscotch notes layer perfectly with 10 botanicals!

Raven’s Share Rum

This is a deep rich rum that inspires thought. The nose is vanilla & smoke layered with leather & oak. The pallet is buttery-smooth and coats your mouth with a caramel-malt sweetness that hangs for a long finish.

Crow’s Nest Spiced Rum

Not your typical spiced rum. This IS NOT Captain Morgans. This is so much more. Infused with freshly sourced cinnamon, cardamom, clove, grapefruit peel, star anise, and 7 more spices.

Crow’s Nest Aged Rum

Notes of sweet butter and smokey-oak are layered with caramel, banana and vanilla! A truly comforting spirit.

Maple Garden Spirit

The nose is woodsy custard…like Maple Creme Brûlée. The pallet is that of a fine maple-cognac that warms all the way down.