Raven’s Share Rum

This is a deep rich rum that inspires thought. The nose is vanilla & smoke layered with leather & oak. The pallet is buttery-smooth and coats your mouth with a caramel-malt sweetness that hangs for a long finish.

Vermont Common Whiskey

Similar to a Bourbon, this unique Whiskey is distilled from a mash of corn, barley, rye and wheat. An American Whiskey, it’s made from the first runnings, second runnings make Black Flannel Brewing Co. Vermont Common Ale.

Heavy Base Malt Whiskey

This malt whiskey has the smokey-maltiness, vanilla, caramel, banana and chocolate qualities of the finest Highland Scotch… made right in Essex, VT.

Scotch Ale

A very malty, high-strength beer featuring rich bready, toasted, and caramel characters delicately balanced with pleasant alcohols. Aromatic and warming…a winter time sipper.