White IPA

A collision between Witbier and American IPA, this beer features fruity yeast character from Belgian yeast, the spices common in a Witbier, and the heavy hopping of an American IPA. A true mashup style that is relatively recent in the beer world.

American Pale Ale

A pale, hoppy, characterful beer featuring citrusy and piney American hops, and a moderate malt backbone. This beer was the launchpad for craft beer in the United States, and it hasn’t lost its luster. If you ask a beer lover what got them into craft, chances are they’ll name one of these.

American Blonde Ale

A light-bodied, easy-drinking beer with interesting malt notes and a subtle American hop profile. Often brewed as the most approachable beer in a brewery or brewpub’s lineup.

American Wheat Beer

A bready, doughy, refreshing yet flavorful beer inspired by the German Weißbier (Hefeweizen). Instead of the banana and clove character that balances malt sweetness in German versions, American brewers favor hop bitterness and aroma to create balance and drinkability.

Int’l Pale Lager

A light bodied, clean and easy-drinking lager style that was developed largely in response to the popularity of the American Lager style. The distinction between those two beers is very subtle, but if you can imagine a fresher, slightly more flavorful version of Miller or Bud, you’ve got what the brewers are after here.