Fox Market


Every part of this building needed work, inside and out. When we started, not a single surface on the inside was useable. Some walls needed to be removed and some replastered, the exterior had more siding in need of replacement than siding that was worth keeping, and the inside and out needed a full coat of paint (or three). The normal equipment purchases like coolers, bars, tables and lighting were the least of our concerns when we came into this project. But with several months of incredibly long hours from Doni Cain, with the help of family, friends, and an incredibly supportive community, this immense project came together.


After six months of planning and two months of intense rehabilitation of the building, the doors opened on June 14th. We carry a wide variety of fun, unique products, and local, organic, fresh options in the market, with a great selection of bar snacks and a curated wine and beer list in the bar. We have breakfast and lunch sandwiches, housemade pastries, coffee, rotisserie chicken, and our favorite beers, wines, ciders, and more. Check us out when you need a great cheese and wine pairing idea, a quick dinner option, an easy, friendly grocery shopping experience, and everything in between.


Fox Market
3070 U.S. Route 2
East Montpelier, VT 05651
United States