Whisky vs. Whiskey

Some people have noticed that some bottles will spell it “whiskey” (with an ‘e’) and others spell it “whisky.” But which one is correct? Actually, they both are correct.


Aquavit (sometimes referred to as Akvavit, Akevitt or Snaps) is the national spirit of Scandinavia that has recently gained popularity in the US and beyond. The word aquavit derives from the Latin aqua vitae, “water of life.”

Scotch Whisky

Scotch whisky, a spirit steeped in tradition, the highest of class and renowned world over, is also one of the simplest as far as ingredients go. There’s only three: barley, water, and yeast.


Genever or Jenever (pronounced juh-NEE-vuhr or yeh-NAY-vuhr) is a unique spirit that has been made in the low countries of Europe since the 1500’s. Today the spirit has grown to become the national spirit of both Belgium and the Netherlands.