The Fabulous Wrecks in the Barrel Room

In the Barrel Room, first come,first serve seating.

The Fabulous Wrecks are a group of anywhere from 2-5 well-seasoned musicians with long musical histories and many hours on stage. Between us we’ve played virtually every type of popular music of the past sixty years. The repertoire for live shows tends toward the pop and Americana ends of the spectrum and leans into acoustic instrumentation (though we all love clanging electric guitars and Hammond organs). We don’t strive to do exact copies of the original tunes but play them in our own manner, very much in the folk and blues traditions. On a given night you can hear Dylan, The Dead, The Beatles, Guster, The Cure, Little Feat, Talking Heads and if the mood is right, Britney Spears, along with many others. The rhythms are uptempo, the energy is high but the volume is very well controlled. We don’t rely on decibels to create excitement.


Jan 18 2024


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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