The Devon McGarry Band

Comprised of four seasoned musicians with common ambitions, The Devon McGarry Band presents an original music endeavor that can’t be ignored. In the ever-changing world of rock music, they seek to be refreshing yet accessible. The music is rooted in McGarry’s heartfelt lyrics and rhythms, but has been sculpted by his bandmates into a movement of sound. For nearly every catchy hook, Jeff Messina (lead guitar) offers up a blistering guitar solo to follow. Mitch Terricciano (bass guitar) and Rich Armstrong (drums) lock in to provide dynamic rhythms and uplifting grooves. Some songs hearken back to the 90s alternative scene, while others break the mold and blend genres.


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No reservations required, plenty of space and seating to enjoy our full draft list and our snacks menu. Well-behaved dogs welcome.


Sep 19 2021


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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