Double IPA

A heavily-hopped, high alcohol, very bitter American ale. Kind of the IPA’s bigger brother with more of everything the IPA has.

American IPA

A hop focussed, pale, bitter American ale with moderately high alcohol and enough malt presence to balance the hop profile. The undisputed king of American craft beer.

American Amber Ale

An amber, hoppy yet malty American style traditionally featuring hops from the Pacific Northwest. This beer was an outgrowth of the American Pale Ale, and it’s often, though not always, a maltier, darker take on that earlier style.

American Pale Ale

A pale, hoppy, characterful beer featuring citrusy and piney American hops, and a moderate malt backbone. This beer was the launchpad for craft beer in the United States, and it hasn’t lost its luster. If you ask a beer lover what got them into craft, chances are they’ll name one of these.

American Blonde Ale

A light-bodied, easy-drinking beer with interesting malt notes and a subtle American hop profile. Often brewed as the most approachable beer in a brewery or brewpub’s lineup.