2nd anniversary - 7/2/22

details about THe beer & Cocktails we're serving on the green today...


Blac k Flannel German. Pilsner - 5.6% ABV

Clean, crisp, bitter German lager with balance toward hops in both aroma and flavor. Light cracker notes from malt and a complex bouquet of floral, herbal, and spicy notes from hops.

German pilsner has become one of the most popular styles the world over. It was avoided by the American craft industry for quite a while, perhaps because of communal PTSD from macro-domination during the twentieth century. It’s enjoying a revival on brewery tap lists as craft drinkers are recognizing its refined and pleasantly aromatic profile.

One of our. best sellers with clean classic styles differentiating Black Flannel from the overwhelming availability of IPAs.

Ruby Phoenix Exotic Fruited Sour - 4.7% ABV

Bursting with aroma, flavor, and color from huge exotic. tropical fruit additions.

The perfect beer for summertime, with light acidity and bursting with tropical exotic fruit flavors and aromas (not to mention color).

A Berliner Weiss style base gets heavy fruit additions to create this outrageously refreshing beer. 

Vermont Common Ale - 
4.4% ABV

Loosely based on the historic beer style Kentucky Common, we brewed in partigyle style with the residual sugar from Black Flannel’s Vermont Common Whiskey.

Vermont Common is made with barley, corn, wheat and rye malt. Light amber in color, low alcohol, crisp, and refreshing despite its malty backbone.

Flavor of light caramel, honey, rye bread, toast, and spice.

Anyone looking for an “English” style of beer is sure to enjoy this light and refreshing offering. It’s less bitter than a pale ale, but has more malt flavor than a kolsch.

Claw. Hammer Cream Ale - 5.8% ABV

This crisp and clean beer is brewed to be highly inviting and sessionable. Soft bready character on the aroma gives way to citrus pith and tart fruity esters.

Refreshing on the palate with a finishing flavor reminiscent of cornbread batter and lemon peel, this may be the perfect “lawn mower” beer.

Refreshing lager-like beer with a little more flavor going on. Highly repeatable and easy drinking.

Huginn & Muninn Braggot - 8.0% ABV

A braggot is a drink made of half mead and half beer, meaning half of the fermentable sugars come from honey. This one is a collaboration with our friends at Groennfell Meadery.

Our Black Flannel Braggot has a Belgian yeast character on the nose that blends nicely with notes of earthy honey and fruit leather.

With a semi sweet, highly carbonated, and comparatively dry finish, this unique beverage is incredibly flavorful yet refreshing.

2nd anniversary wild Ale
4.9% ABV

A blend of 2 barrel aged versions of our Berliner Weiss.  One RED wine barrel and one WHITE wine barrel. 

This beer was aged for 18 months with mixed fermentation cultures them blended, pulling character (and a few other flavors from brettanomyces) then aged for an additional 5 months.  Complex notes of white wine, lemony tartness, and mild brett funk.

Similar to our 12 Hour Sour, but with much more complexity. Finishes dry and effervescent.

Tart, refreshing, a nice change from other classic beer styles and IPA varieties.

Disco Montage- NE IPA
6.5% ABV

On the nose, a medley of tart tropical fruits fades pleasantly to honeydew, peach, and apricot. With a surprisingly creamy mouthfeel, moderate bitterness, and a smooth finish.

The cast of fruity flavors and aromas end on a comparatively dry and welcoming note. Notes of pineapple, passionfruit, kiwi, honeydew, cantaloupe, peach, and apricot.

It’s not boozy, or cloying, and very drinkable at 6.5% alcohol.

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